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Elemental Wars

The World:

For thousands of years the elements have been battling for control of this war torn world. They’ve grown in power at equal pace and see no way to end the stalemate. Whenever two major elements clash the swath of destruction is phenomenal and devastating.

So they have resorted to using minions summoned from other planes of existence to battle for key areas in the world rather than destroy it by battling each other directly.

The current contended land is the island of Antillia in the Northwestern hemisphere. It was spared the ravages of the millennia of wars that have devastated the mainland before the pact. The elements believe it to be a key strategic launching ground for an attack on the mainland. Both Water and Wind are fighting for control of this island in order to launch an attack against Earth on the Northern coast of the larger continent. Fire currently controls the Southern half of the continent.

The peoples that live on this world are not native to it. For the original population were decimated by the constant and ever escalating battles between the elements before the pact that finally brought the wanton destruction to an end.

Every race from every possible background can be found on Antillia. Every level of technology can also be found here, but limited only to what the kidnapped had with them at the time of their abduction. Therefore there are no highly technological societies to be found on this world. Yet…. because of the ongoing confrontation, a steady supply of new equipment is ‘salvaged’ from the battlefield on an ongoing basis, filling the market with a myriad of supplies for all types of characters.

The Northwestern half of Antillia is controlled by Wind, who gained a foothold on the island about 100 years ago and has been steadily gaining ground since then. Water used to control the entire island but now only controls the Southeastern half of the island and is none too happy that Wind is encroaching on her territory. Lately she’s been ‘recruiting’ (ie: kidnapping) more and more creatures to fight off Winds growing army.

Earth and Fire have formed a brief alliance and are trying to destabilize the area as well. Creating confusion and delay so as to solidify their hold on the main continent.

Water is considered a neutral Deity in this Setting.

Wind is considered a neutral Deity in this setting.

Earth is considered a lawfull Deity in this setting.

Fire is considered a Chaotic Deity in this setting.

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