Elemental Wars

Border patrol.

The Plan

The characters have been on this world for long enough to learn the local common language.

They have been working for the army of Water for some time now and have proved themselves to be competent soldiers. So they are all called in to meet Grand Marshal Frost. He gives them an assignment to patrol along the river of the trackless forest. They are warned not to enter too deeply into the forest because it is easy to get lost in the enchanted wilderness. There have been reports that Wind Cultists have been active in the area. Should any be found they are to be eliminated, but try to capture their leaders alive so they can be questioned on their activities in the area. This assignment is considered to be secret, so only a small team are to be sent.

Frost dismisses the characters and they are brought to the barracks to gear up and be introduced to the rest of their team.

see NPC Tracker for the team of NPCs assigned to their command.


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