Elemental Wars

The Wind Callers

The Plan

The party has the location of the wind cultists and their followers.

If they decide to do a head on attack of the area, they will get ambushed and things could get ugly.

A mine will go off under the vehicle causing an immediate driving check at -4. If the roll is passed, the vehicle will suffer a collision as if driving at 20”... IE: 4d6 damage… 2d6 if the drive check gets a raise. Also follow the damage rules on page 110.

If the roll fails, then the vihicle suffers the full damage AND must immediately roll on the ‘Out of Control’ Chart on page 114.

Land Crawler

Acc/TS : 15/35 Toughness: 18(5) Crew: 1+12

Six Wheel Drive vehicle with extra armor plating to increase toughness. This vehicle can climb over most low obstacles and treats each inch of difficult terrain as 1.5(instead of 2).

If the vehicle is damaged or crashes, then the characters must get out of it and find cover as the wind cultists open fire upon them. It will be a tough fight to get into the cave and thus save the children.

If the party decides to check things out a little and scout, give them notice checks to see the hidden wind cultists. If they get a raise, you can have them witness the cultists planting the bomb. If they attack at this moment, they may get the jump on the cultists who are not prepared for the early attack.

Once the wind cultists are eliminated on the outside of the cave, the party can proceed into the cave if they wish. The main entrance will be clear of any booby traps. Once inside, they will notice that there is alot of wind in these tunnels… perhaps even more than you would expect. As they approach a ledge, they will hear the chanting of the wind cultists. What they witness in the main chamber is the main wind priest and his conclave chanting in front of a swirling mass of wind. The children are sitting in a circle around this mass of wind apparently in a trance. If the party attacks the wind cultists at this point, they will have to deal with an air elemental. If they wait, they will witness the end of the chanting and the elemental seems to disapear. A notice check with a raise will reveal that one of the children gasped suddenly just as the elemental dissapeared.

When the chanting is interupted, either before the or after this initial ritual, all the children will slump over and remain comatose. Medical aid will not seem to help them at all.

After the party has captured or killed the cultist leaders, they can bring the children back or contact the village to come and retrieve thier children.

Back at the village after the children have been returned, the village elders decide to ship them to Fluetia by boat to see if the healers there can cure their strange maladie. They also beg the party to bring one of the children with them back to fluentia as there is not enough room for her on the barge they are sending.

If the party agrees, the villagers will thank them very heartily. If they refuse, they will be given the cold shoulder for as long as they stay there or until they agree to take the child back.

If the party leaves without the child, when they return to fluentia, they will discover that it has been attacked by a large group of Wind Elementals that were possesing the children.

If the party leaves with the child and allows their medic to try and help her, then they will discover that she has been possessed by a Wind Elemental that attacks the party immediatly. There is a chance that it will leave every two rounds. Lets say a 2 in 6 chance.

If the party states that they will hurry back to fluentia to warn the people there, then they will arrive just shorlty after the barge does. If the characters act quickly enough, then they will thwart the wind cultists plans and the water priests will be able to safely remove the Wind Elementals from the children. If they do not act quickly enough, the wind elementals will be released and all hell will break loose.

From there… who knows. :)



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