Elemental Wars

The Trial and the Mission Part 1

The Plan

After the funeral the characters are all gathered up and put in the brigg. They are told they must stand before the military tribunal and explain certain parts of the mission and their behaviour during the mission. Essentially they are on trial for crimes agaisnt the rule of law concerning the treatment of prisoners. Willhelm is also going to be questioned in the treatment of certain members of his team… the female member that is.

No matter the outcome, they are given a notice to meet a man at the Sea Horse Tavern. Once there, they are led to a private room where a tall cloaked figure waits for them. As he pulls back the hood it is non other than General Cornelious Frost himself.

“Hello Gentleman”, he smiles, “please… be seated.”

Frost continues, “I must first appologize for my emotional outburst earlier today at the funeral. I usually keep my feelings in check for… obvious reasons.”

Allow players to ask any questions they want.

Frost is grieved by his sons loss. He could accept the loss of his morals… his soul… but not his son. He knows of a way to leave this world. Of portals that can send those taken back to their respective worlds, but they are under the protection of the gods themselves. He believes that there is a way to defeat them, as he has been studying this for several hundred years. There is a legend that hints at a way to create a weapon to defeat the gods, but it is all vauge and uninteligible gibberish mostly… the meaning long lost to the ages.

But of course General Frost did not bring the characters here to appologize and make small talk. He has a mission for them. A secret, off the record mission.

The party must go to the contested city of Blueport. The ‘official’ reason for going there is to support the war effort with more officers. The real reason is to get ahold of a map that is said to be hidden in the water temple in the heart of the city. The info on where it leads will be obvious when it is retrieved.

When the group finally gets to the city they discover that the temple is currently located in a wind cult controlled area. It is nigh impossible to get through the deffences.

The party will have to decide whether they want to lead a force to liberate the temple before they enter it and search for the map, OR they could try to infiltrate the area and get into the Temple through stealth.

Once the temple is either liberated or the party sneaks in, the group was instructed to find the monks quarters and find a room with a painting or etching of the water god on a south facing wall. Their orders are to break the wall down. If there are any water priests present they will protest, but back down with any threat whatsoever.



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