Elemental Wars

The Funeral

The Plan

After the crisis in the city is resolved, there is a funeral held for Sahliel. The party will be asked to speak if they wish. Afterwords, the ceremony will continue as the water priests perform the burial ritual… consecrating the body to the water god. Partway through the ceremony Cornelious Frost suddenly appears. The priests grow silent.

He asks to speak, “Sahliel was a great Denorain. And he never sacrificed his morals to gain prestige on this wretched world. He was a true pacifist, as all Denorians were when we first arrived here. He spent many years in prison for refusing to join the battle… fighting and killing for the Gods of this realm. His compassion and heroism led him into the medical feild and that became both his calling and his power.

When he was finally released he was still required to serve in the army of our ruler, but he chose the roll of medic… never losing sight of his principles. I once thought him to be a fool for holding on to the old ways of my peoples, but now I realise that he stayed true to the path. Perhaps I was the fool for straying from it.

Sahliel died helping others. A truly noble and selfless act. For that, I solute Sahliel of the house of Theonotia for his courage, his compassion, and his commitment to his principles.”

Frost turns to the casket and solutes. He then places his hand on the caskets cold, hard surface.

His final words, “Farewell Sahliel… my son.”

All the player characters must make a spirit roll (except troy). Those who do not make a raise are overcome with a sudden intense feeling of grief that is not their own. A failure results in unconciousness for 1d4 hours. Anyone who passes will see General Frost look to the skies, his hands clenched as he grimaces angrily… and then he just dissapears. The seemingly indiferent crowd that had first arrived are now a blubbering mass of wailing and weeping souls. The entire city is in a shambles for several minutes.



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